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Zippy Paws - Ladybugs in Leaf Burrow

Zippy Paws - Ladybugs in Leaf Burrow


Zippy Burrow - Ladybugs in Leaf Luck be a ladybug - and that’s exactly what doggo will find when they dig into the Zippy Burrow Ladybugs in Leaf!

Once your playful pup has plucked the loveliness from their leafy hiding place, they’ll be begging you to put them back in again and again for hours of fun! It’s the perfect interactive toy for keeping your dog busily engaged in hide-and-seek play that prevents boredom and promotes mental stimulation!


Great for small to medium-sized dogs

Comes with 3 squeaky ladybugs

Holes are smaller than toys, making removal a challenge

Size: Overall dimensions are approximately 22cm x 15cm diameter. Toys are roughly 10cm.

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